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Working safely Introduction Gels Safe methods of working when plaiting and twisting


Tools and equipment Preparing clients for plaiting and twisting

Select correct picture Round the board Products Comfort during plaiting and twisting Hairsprays The effects of plaiting and twisting

on the hair Serums

Plait and twist hair Introduction French plait 2 Consultation Fishtail plait Infl uencing factors – haircut and texture Cornrows Head and face shapes 1 Creating multiple cornrows 1 Wordsearch Creating multiple cornrows 2 Head and face shapes 2 Twists Head and face shapes 3 Flat twists 1 Head and face shapes 4 Flat twists 2 Five in a row Drag into correct order Plaiting hair Two strand twists French plait 1 Checking balance of completed style

Provide aftercare advice Introduction Worksheet – prepare the client for a

haircut Round the board Worksheet – the effects of plaiting

and twisting on the hair Products Worksheet – plaiting hair Removal of hairstyle Online multiple choice quiz

When plaiting and twisting hair, you will use different products, tools and equipment. This section covers health and safety requirements necessary for their use and other areas including consultation and preparation. Chapter 2 covers health and safety working methods in more detail. Refer to this unit if needed.