Study of this chapter will enable the reader to:

comprehend EPC, DEC, SER, BER, AR, iSBEM and TM22;

use building CO2 emission calculations;

understand post occupancy evaluations;

recognize who is interested in post occupancy matters;

use CIBSE PROBE Reports;

identify differences between design and use of buildings;

have access to real data from occupied buildings;

realize that design does not reveal actual building energy usage;

compare real building energy use with benchmarks;

understand how buildings are air pressure tested and rated;

work on many case studies from the PROBE Reports;

calculate building Asset Ratings;

use Building Emission Rate, BER and SER;

use the best practice emission data;

understand the Queens Building case study;

relate actual building energy issues to HM Government Carbon Plan 2011;

have an understanding of the technical issues in reducing energy use;

relate modern buildings to lessons from history;

comprehend what is meant by sustainability;

relate building shape to energy use;

discuss the use of on-site generation.