Study of this chapter will enable the reader to:

state the applications for hot-water radiators, natural and fan convectors, embedded pipe radiant panel systems and overhead radiant panels;

discuss the use of centralized and decentralized forms of heating system;

state the applications for electrical heaters such as radiators, convectors and thermal storage radiators;

demonstrate the use of underfloor and ceiling heating systems utilizing electrical energy;

apply appropriate heat emitters to the user’s needs;

explain the use of warm-air heating methods;

understand the low-, medium- and high-pressure classifications and applications for water heating systems;

understand schematic pipe layouts and pump positioning;

design hot-water pipe systems;

understand the requirements of oil-firing equipment;

have an understanding of combustion;

describe flues for oil boilers;

understand the principles of electrical power generation;

describe the uses of district heating system;

understand the uses of a BEMS and its terminology.