Interlude Let’s think about baby blankets and infant clothing. Start by looking at websites that sell baby clothes, for example, https://www.carters.com . First, note the sex segregation. If you go to the girls’ side (listed in a pink font) you can buy that special newborn baby girl a pink monkey or a pink butterfl y sleep and play outfi t. Or maybe you would like to get her a pink puppy, long sleeved tee shirt, or a tee with a silver horse on a bright pink background. You get the idea. But if you click on the blue font list for boys you get other choices: a blue car, cotton sleep outfi t, a rough and tough, orange thermal tee shirt, a grey and blue goal kicker tee, or a sporty handsome cotton sleep and play that looks like a baby version of a professional baseball outfi t. Th ere is no mistaking which baby is the boy and which the girl, right? Just look at the blanket color or what they are wearing. And why not? From time immemorial haven’t adults dressed their little boys and little girls diff erently? Haven’t adults always wanted to be able to tell at a glance whether the infant before them is a boy or a girl? Well, it turns out, not so much.