The Belgian artist Kris Verdonck presented Stills at the Fast Forward Festival 2015. As part of the installation, a video of two performers, each naked and sporting multiple tattoos across their bodies, was projected in large scale upon the wall of a building in Klafthmonos Square that was itself inscribed with graffiti. Stills featured digital video, but also participated in digital culture more sinuously by way of its fusion of intimacy and publicness, and by confounding actual and virtual textures. In the same month that Kris Verdonck was being censured and censored in Athens, the Dutch artist and performance maker Dries Verhoeven installed himself in a converted transport container in a square in Utrecht, in a different inhabitation of public and private spaces. In Consumer Culture, Celia Lury argues that relationships between people and things should be understood as reciprocal and iterative rather than linear.