Organising Inset Anything you are planning to do in the way of staff development needs to be discussed with the senior management team so that it fits within the school’s development planning.

You will need to decide whether you are going to lead the in-service sessions yourself, or whether you are going to invite an experienced course leader to work with the staff. Funding will probably determine the possibility of the latter, but it is worth bearing in mind, as an outsider can get straight down to the nitty gritty of the situation and can tease out issues that you might not have the confidence to broach. You could then plan follow-up sessions that you would lead yourself. If it is a big initiative then this is a good idea, if not you might prefer to save this option for later and plan by yourself. The advantages for an external input are: You will probably be allocated a staff development day which is

infinitely preferable to a curriculum session at the end of a busy school day.