The ‘other external relations of the EU’ is a very broad and varied palette to choose from. Much of the EU’s external action in the area of law enforcement would be in the external military operations, under the CFSP pillar. Also included are the external police operations, where an international force of EU police is posted to a particular conflict or reconstruction area to assist in its reconstruction, as has been the case with what appears to be the heavy involvement of the EU in the ‘re-establishment of a viable police force in Albania’. 1 Neither of these two types of operations are the focus of this chapter. Rather, the focus will be on EU strategic developments with established and stable governmental regimes, where assistance would be on a bi-lateral or, for example, via Interpol, on a multi-lateral, basis, in the area of crime generally, and where the relationships have developed sufficiently, in the area of counter-terrorism co-operation and provision.