Thematic content in this unit: Curriculum connections:

An introduction to London’s Great Plague of 1665 History

The history of Eyam, Derbyshire History, Geography

Community and responsibility Citizenship, PSHE

Epidemics and plagues Science, Media Studies

Dramatic techniques and keywords in this unit:

The use of visual stimulus/pretext Depiction

Dramatic reconstruction based on historical and fi ctional accounts

Parallel Play Montage Split stage and cross cutting

Whole group improvisation Teacher in role Defi ning the space

Tableaux and tableaux vivants Caption making Step out

Thought tracking Narration Atmosphere and dramatic tension Spontaneous improvisation

In this unit, students begin their drama by exploring events that happened in London during the Great Plague before the focus shifts towards a small Derbyshire village called Eyam (pronounced E’em). The year is 1665 and both communities are visited by the worst outbreak of plague since the Black Death of the 1300s.