Foundling : a child who has been abandoned and whose parents are unknown.


Thematic content in this unit: Curriculum connections:

Folk tales and legends Literacy, Literature, History

Museums and curation History, Social Studies, Leisure and Tourism

The history of The Foundling Hospital (C18) Social History, Citizenship

Moral and emotional aspects of parenting PSHE, Citizenship, SEAL, Geography and abandonment

An introduction to the work of Bertolt Brecht Drama

Dramatic techniques and keywords in this unit:

The use of visual stimulus/pretext Dramatic reconstruction Depiction

Ritual Mantle of the expert Montage

Tableau and tableaux vivants Staging a text Commemoration

Teacher in role Choral work Physicalization

Symbol Tension Atmosphere

In this unit, students will explore the theme of foundlings . As stated in the introduction, and in common with other units, the drama is structured in layers of increasing sophistication and complexity. Starting from relatively simple beginnings, each layer adds another dimension to the potential learning opportunities available. The work unfolds in such a way that a number of particular investigations can take place – across a wide range of curriculum areas and suitable for learners of varying experience and

ability – but from a common ‘holding form’: a drama structure that brings coherence to the unit as a whole.