Tracy is a pediatric surgeon and her husband, John, is a stay-at-home dad with their 2-year-old son, Jeff. By any standard, she is highly successful. She is one of a few females in a traditionally male branch of medicine. John balances a part-time job that requires international travel with his child rearing responsibilities in this couple with reversed roles. Very much in love with each other, they want to add to their family. Getting pregnant a second time was difficult for them but, after a recent round of in vitro fertilization, twins are on the way. Tracy works long hours, sleeps little, and crams Jeff into her awake time at home. Tracy and John were once self-described party animals with a wide circle of friends and family to keep them company on their jaunts. That was before residency and parenthood brought their socializing to an inevitable end. That was also before they moved to Chicago to pursue her career.