Later in Pepy I’s reign another conspiracy appears to have been organized against the king.391 This was led by the vizier Rawer [36],392 whose name has been chiselled out and parts of his figure, mainly the face, hands and feet, have been deliberately damaged in his tomb in the Teti cemetery (Figure 2.71). The eldest son of Shepsipuptah [38], who married Teti’s daughter, was called Rawer (Figure 2.76). As this name became very rare in the period, it seems possible that Pepy I appointed his nephew to the vizierate, as he did earlier with Meryteti, son of Mereruka [30] and another daughter of Teti. As the size of Rawer’s tomb allows it to be placed in the latter part of Pepy I’s reign and a vizier’s name has been intentionally erased from the royal decree dated to the 21st count of Pepy I,393 it is possible to conclude that a second major event occurred at that time that affected the person of the king, since the vizier’s name was removed from the royal decree as well as from his own tomb.