Most courses, including A Level, require students to undertake a piece of personal research and submit their findings for assessment. This may be called coursework, a personal study or simply an archaeological investigation. Whatever its title it will have a set of written instructions as to the precise nature of your task. This will include guidance on what you must eventually produce and in which format. While this chapter cannot address these particular requirements, it covers issues which are common to most students’ experiences and needs. You should keep your specific research brief to hand as you read through this section. The real examples included in the section are all based on good


Study the assignment brief issued to you. It may include constraints such as the word ‘local’ or you may need to undertake some ‘first-hand’ observation. It is essential that you choose a subject that fits the requirements of your course, is based on evidence which is accessible to you and, most importantly, is something on which you will enjoy working.