Eng-lish bone china, was a violinist of repute] This saying was still current in the C20. dry as tharm [twisted gut, used for fiddle-strings and spinning wheels-Nhb] a face made of a fiddle [Sc 1816] Cheerful, capable of raising the spirits of all the

company. a face as long as a fiddle Looking miserable. long as Jan Bedella’s fiddle [Cor] look like the far end o’ a French fiddle [Sc] (As above.) play the Scotch fiddle [the scab] Scratch yourself [Sc Wm wYks wSom Amer]. as well try to borrow a fiddle at a wakes Of a hopeless project. find a fiddle Discover something very amusing; find a child dropped by the gypsies.

Become inexplicably merry [Sc]. a heart without love is a violin without strings [NY] have the fiddle but not the stick [1595] Have the wherewithal but not the skill, have

the means but not the sense to use them; be impotent sexually. fiddlestick (n) The erect penis [at least C16-as in the nursery rhyme, Cock a doodle

doo]. fiddlesticks! [UK Amer] Nonsense. there’s many a good tune played on an old fiddle With sexual reference. tak a spring o’ your ain fiddle, ye’ll dance till’t afore it’s dune [Sc: 1721] Follow