Sc nEng EAn wSom] Be an annoyance to, a thorn in the side of. rough as heckles [nEng EAn wSom] come over the heckle-pins [teeth of the heckle comb] Be strictly examined; be

severely handled during a course of probation [Sc]. heckle (v) Scratch-‘with his hard hurcheone skyn sa heklis he my chekis’

[W.Dunbar, Twa Mariit Wemen…—1508]; publicly question, disconcert with abuse and interrupt parliamentary candidates [1808]; rigorously catechize. (From the above.)

kamesters/kemsters [wool-combers] are ay creeshy [greasy-Sc Ire Nhb] People take after their work; you can expect their environment to affect folk.