CHAPTER XXIV ON Holy Thursday, in the year I S I 9, we arrived with all the fleet at the Port of San Juan de UIn, and as the Pilot Alaminos knew the place well from having come there with Juan de Grijalva he at once ordered the vessels to drop anchor where they would be safe from the northerly gales. The flagship hoisted her royal standards and pennants, and Within half an hour of anchoring, two large canoes came out to us, full of Mexican Indians. Seeing the big ship with the standards flying they knew that it was there they must go to speak with the captain; so they went direCt to the flagship and going on board asked who was the Tatuan 1 which in their language means the chief. Dona Marina who understood the language well, pointed him out. Then the Indians paid many marks of respeCt to Cortes, according to their usage, and bade him welcome, and said that their lord, a servant of the great Montezuma, had sent them to ask what kind of men we were, and of what we were in search, and added that if we were in need of anything for ourselves or the ships, that we should tell them and they would supply it. Our Cortes thanked them through the two interpreters, Aguilar and DoRa Marina, and ordered food and wine to be given them and some blue beads, and after they had drunk he told them that we came to see them and to trade with them and that our arrival in their country should cause

SAN JUAN DE ULtrA them no uneasiness but be looked on by them as fortunate. The messengers returned on shore well content, and the next day, which was Good Friday, we disembarked with the horses and guns, on some sand hills which rise to a considerable height, for there was no levelland, nothing but sand dunes ; and the artilleryman Mesa placed the guns in position to the beft of his judgment. Then we set up an altar where mass was said and we made huts and shelters for Cortes and the captains, and three hundred of the soldiers brought wood and made huts for themselves and we placed the horses where they would be safe and in this way was Good Friday passed.