CHAPTER LXIII WHEN the Great Montezuma had dined and he knew that some time had passed since our Captain and all of us had done the same, he came in the greateSl: Sl:ate to our quarters with a numerous company of chieftains, all of them his kinsmen. When Cortes was told that he was approaching he came out to the middle of the Hall to receive him, and Montezuma took him by the hand, and they brought some seats, made according to their usage and very richly decorated and embroidered with gold in many designs, and Montezuma asked our Captain to be seated, and both of them sat down each on his chair. Then Montezuma began a very good speech, saying that he was greatly rejoiced to have in his house and his kingdom such valiant gentlemen as were Cortes and all of us. That two years ago he had received news of another Captain who came to Champoton and likewise laSl: year they had brought him news of another Captain who came with four ships, and that each time he had wished to see them, and now that he had us with him he was at our service, and would give us of all that he possessed ; that it must indeed be true that we were those of whom his ancestors in years long past had spoken, saying that men would come from where the sun rose to rule over these lands, and that we muSl: be those men, as we had fought so valiantly in the affairs at Champoton and Tabasco and against the Tlaxcalans; for they had brought him pictures of the battles true to life.