Although the original manuscript has always been kept in Guatemala, first by the Author and afterwards by his descendants, and $till later by the Municipality of the Capital, in whose archives it is preserved to-day, a copy of it was made in the sixteenth century and sent to Spain to King Philip II • and was

EXTRACTS FROM INTRODUCTION there consulted by the Royal chroniclers. After its publication in Madrid by Friar Alonzo Rem6n of the Order of Mercy in the year 16320 the 'I'rue HiJlory' was universally accepted from that time onwards as the moSl: complete and truSl:worthy of the chronicles of the ConqueSt: of New Spain. A second edition followed almoSt: immediately, in the same city, some four years later, a third, a fourth, and a fifth. It was translated into English by Maurice Keatinge in 1800 and John Ingram Lockhart in 1844; into German by Ph. J. von Rehfues in 1838 and Karl Ritter in 1848; into French by D. Jourdanet in 1876 and Jose Marfa de Heredia in 1877,1 and into Hungarian by Karoly Br6zik in 1878 and Moses Gaat in 1899.