government funds higher education. Hence my concern with being a philosopher has led me to a general concern with the state of higher education. In taking an interest in the funding of higher education I am focussing on the fiscal priorities of government. My initial interest has now become general. I now examine those fiscal policies and see that they are skewed towards corporate tax cuts rather than funding the social infrastructure required to satisfy my needs and the needs of my fellow citizens. Concerned, I decide to look around the globe to see if there are better funding models and if other states are doing a better job funding their society’s infrastructure. I notice that there seems to be a global pattern of cutting infrastructure to satisfy business interests. Moreover, as my concern becomes global I realise that millions of my fellow humans face a far more serious plight than I do. Hence, I use my academic position to develop philosophical arguments that I hope will awaken people’s critical consciousness and sense of ethical connection to their fellow human beings in the interest of addressing the causes of global suffering. In so doing my concern is neither with my own career nor with sacrificing my career for others but rather with developing my good in a way that advances the possibility that others will be able to do the same.