In the preceding excerpt, Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed to the graduating class at Wellesley College the conflicting role expectations all women face, but especially the “double bind” (Jamieson 1995) women face as they run for political office. This case study investigates one such election, the 2000 U.S. Senate campaign in New York between Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Rick Lazio, applying the construct of NewsStyle, as outlined in chapter 10. The case study begins with a short biography and political history of Rodham Clinton as well as a history of the 2000 New York U.S. Senate election. Next, a rhetorical analysis of the political advertising used in the campaign is provided to establish a foundation for our examination of media coverage of candidate messages. The study then explores the race from the construct of NewsStyle by examining, through content analysis, the media coverage of the Rodham Clinton/ Lazio race. Finally, a few thoughts about why Rodham Clinton won the election are offered.