In his New Year Press Conference on 12 January 1973, Park declared the government’s Heavy and Chemical Industrialization Policy (HCIP: chunghwahak kongop’wa chongch’aek) that would underpin the state’s plan for the Big Push program under the Yusin reform. He also declared that Korea aimed to achieve $10 billion in export earnings and per capita GNP of $1,000 by the early 1980s. He stated:

I declare the “Heavy and Chemical Industry Policy” through which the government hereafter will focus on the development of

the heavy and chemical industries. I would also like to call on the people of the nation so that all of us from now on begin a campaign for national scientization. I urge everyone to learn technological skills, master them and develop them . . . If we wish to achieve our export goal of $10 billion in early 1980, heavy and chemical products must exceed well over 50 percent of total export goods.