The old adage that “knowledge is power” can apply powerfully in North Korea by providing knowledge that overcomes the web of deceit. Despite Kim Jong-Un’s best efforts to the contrary, there are a growing number of ways by which information can be carried or sent into North Korea that can be successful. Google has, for instance, used weather balloons to physically drop pamphlets from the sky. The North Korea Intelligence Solidarity, a group of North Korean intellectual defectors, have sought to collaborate with Google in this way. Cleverly,

one South Korean NGO is sending in a single sheet of information of true history and true facts about the death and destruction the regime has caused. The information is written across a photo of Kim Jong-Il, which means no one from North Korea can destroy the pamphlet because it is a crime against the regime to deface a photo of Kim Jong-Il. We know that these pamphlets are having a tremendous impact because in meetings between North and South Korea, the North Koreans have complained bitterly to the South Korean government about these balloon projects and the information that is being sent into North Korea. North Korean delegations have actually brought to talks with the South these orange pamphlets and demanded that this propaganda be stopped. So we know the regime is feeling the impact of it. 1