Like a virus tries to go undetected by its host while its cells multiply and it grows in strength, so too have the leaders of North Korea gone to painstaking lengths to maintain a “dense fog” over North Korea. 1 For instance, when taking foreign government diplomats on a tour of North Korea, Pyongyang features movie-set-like facades of buildings with electrical power turned on only during the parade passing through. 2 Excluding the present reader, an astounding number of people have stayed unaware or grossly misinformed about what actually takes place inside North Korea. When people gain knowledge about the dreadful realities inside North Korea, they often begin to care. Dr. Suzanne Scholte poignantly remarked:

I am asked all the time: why are you involved in this issue, you are not even a Korean? The fact is this is not a Korean issue, this is an issue that should effect the conscience of the world—no one asks why do you care about the Holocaust, you are not Jewish? Why do you care about Darfur, you are not African? What is happening on the Korean Peninsula is the world’s worst human rights tragedy; no people are more suffering, no people are more persecuted and this is a tragedy that has continued for 65 years—longer than the Jewish holocaust, longer than the Soviet gulags, longer than China’s cultural revolution, longer than the Rwanda genocide … I [have come] to know that what is happening in North Korea is breaking God’s heart. 3