In this chapter, I examine ND ideas in the fi rst decade of the twenty-fi rst century principally through the prism of its leading intellectual, Alain de Benoist. I focus on de Benoist’s writings since 2000 and especially ‘ La Nouvelle Droite de l’an 2000 ’, the ND’s offi cial manifesto for the new millennium that fi rst appeared in ND journal É l é ments in 1999 (Champetier and de Benoist 1999 : 10-23). The manifesto was penned by de Benoist and Charles Champetier, a former head of the youth wing of the ND. The manifesto also reappeared in 2000 as Manifeste pour une renaissance europ é enne – à la d é couverte du GRECE – son histoire, ses id é es, son organisation . The manifesto has been translated into ten languages (de Benoist 2012 : 147). I argue that the manifesto is consistent with the ND’s central preoccupation with the ‘crises’ associated with modernity, as well as the desire to fi nd a revolutionary and modernist political synthesis to usher Europe out of its profound ‘crises’. I posit that the manifesto especially refl ects my second conceptual tool for analysing the ND, namely, the ND’s quest for alternative modernities, but also contains elements of conceptual tools one and three (that is, transcending right-left divisions and creating a new religion of politics).