Though Assam is predominantly a non-Muslim province, the district of Sylhet which is contiguous to Bengal is predominantly Muslim. There has been a demand that in the event of the partition of Bengal, Sylhet should be amalgamated with the Muslim part of Bengal. Accordingly, if it is decided that Bengal should be partitioned, a referendum will be held in Sylhet under the aegis of the Governor-General and in consultation with the Assam provincial Government to decided whether the district of Sylhet should continue to form part of Assam province or should be amalgamated with the new province of East Bengal of that province agrees. If the referendum results in favour of amalgamation with East Bengal, a Boundary Commission with terms similar to those for the Punjab and Bengal will be set up to demarcate areas of Sylhet

district and contiguous Muslim majority areas of adjoining districts which will then be transferred to East Bengal. The rest of the Assam province will, in any case, continue to [remain] in India.5