The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council in the UK has developed an exit questionnaire designed for supervisors to gain feedback from graduates who have successfully completed their doctorates. The questionnaire is:

Exit questionnaire regarding my PhD supervision

Dear ……………………. Now that you have completed your PhD/MSc training, it would be of considerable help to me personally if you could complete the following assessment of the training that you received and in particular my role as supervisor. Please try to be as objective and honest as possible. Your answers will provide me with some feedback to help me improve my own practice as a supervisor and teacher. They may therefore be of some real help to students who follow in your footsteps. Please score each question on the basis of the supervision that you actually received

0 = Abysmal! 1 = No! 2 = Poor! / room for significant improvement 3 = Acceptable / adequate 4 = Yes! 5 = Brilliant!