Most schools advertise vacancies in the local press, and many LEAs also publish a regular list of internal vacancies. These sources are fine if you live in the area to which you wish to apply or know someone who does, but if not then you will need to rely on the national sources of vacancies. The Times Educational Supplement (TES) is still the market leader for teaching vacancies nationally, although some of the larger dailies also carry a selection, but if you are looking for temporary posts-to cover, say, a maternity leave-or for part-time posts, you will almost always have to look at the local sources. In recent years it is becoming more common to find vacancies advertised on the Internet. Jobs advertised in the TES also appear on its Web site, and you can download a readymade application form (www.tes.org.uk). Other specialist organizations are also offering a vacancies and a curriculum vitae (CV) service.