Proetus was the son of Abas, brother of Acrisius, and king of Tiryns; he married Stheneboea and had children by her. When Bellerophon fled from Corinth because of a homicide, Proetus purified him from his pollution, but his wife fell in love with the visitor. Being unable to fulfil her desires, she accused Bellerophon of having assaulted her; Proetus, believing her, sent him to Caria in order to have him done away with – he gave him a written tablet and ordered him to convey it to Iobates <the Carian king>. He, acting in accordance with what was written, ordered Bellerophon to venture against the Chimaera; Bellerophon fought and killed the beast. He then returned to Tiryns, laid blame on Proetus, and excited Stheneboea with the promise to take her off to Caria. He learned from someone of a second plot against him by Proetus, and forestalled him by departing. He set Stheneboea upon <the winged horse> Pegasus, and flew aloft over the sea; then,

again returned to Proetus, and himself confessed to having done the deed; he had (he said) been twice plotted against and had taken appropriate revenge upon both parties – from the one, her life; for the other, his grief.