There are now up-to-date critical editions of the surviving plays of all three major tragic dramatists: M.L. West, Aeschyli Tragoediae (1990); H. Lloyd-Jones and N.G. Wilson, Sophoclis Fabulae (1990); J. Diggle, Euripidis Fabulae (3 vols., 1981-94). The collection Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta (TrGF) so far includes the fragments of Aeschylus (S.L. Radt, 1985), of Sophocles (S.L. Radt, 1977), of the minor tragic poets (B. Snell and R. Kannicht, 2nd edn, 1986), and of tragic and satyric texts whose author is not identifiable (B. Snell and R. Kannicht, 2nd edn, 1986). For fragments of Euripides, pending the appearance of Kannicht’s TrGF volume, it is still necessary to consult A. Nauck, Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta (TGF) (1889; 2nd edn, with appendix by B. Snell, 1964) and editions of individual plays of which papyri have greatly augmented our knowledge since 1889, e.g. Telephus by E.W. Handley and J. Rea (1957), Hypsipyle by G.W. Bond (1963), Phaethon by J. Diggle (1970), Cresphontes and Archelaus by A. Harder (1985); see also D.L. Page, Greek Literary Papyri I (1941), C. Austin, Nova Fragmenta Euripidea in Papyris Reperta (1968), C. Collard et al., Euripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays (2 vols., 1995-; with facing translation), and J. Diggle, Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta Selecta (1998).