Being invited to an interview normally means that you have outperformed the other applicants, and have surmounted the first hurdle in the selection process. Your aim at the interview is either to be offered the job or to secure a place on either the second and final round of interviews, or an invitation to participate in an assessment centre. There are a number of general principles that apply to successful performance at all interviews, and a discussion of these forms the bulk of the contents of this chapter. Recent developments in technology have ushered in the era of distance interviewing. Thus, you may be interviewed either over the telephone, or by means of a videoconferencing system. The general question-answering principles will apply equally to these types of interviews, but with some modifications. You should be aware however, that while the face-toface interview is located towards the end of the selection process, the telephone interview is placed towards the start. Both types of distance interviewing will be dealt with towards the end of this chapter.