Let me begin by asking you three questions. First, in men’s athletics, who is the current world record holder for the 100 metres sprint? Second, who is currently the second fastest athlete over this same distance? Third, what is the time difference between the two? Even if you are not an athletics fan, you will probably be able to answer the first question. It is most unlikely however, that you will know the answer to the second. This stresses one of the underpinning philosophies of this book. Coming second doesn’t count. People who come first get remembered, while those who come second get forgotten. This is true not only in athletics but in job applications, promotions and in other aspects of organizational life. This book changes the old sporting adage that, ‘it does not matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game’. It is very concerned with winning, and suggests ways of successfully playing that game to do so.