This chapter deals with the form of sub-contract required to be used for Nominated Sub-Contracts (NSC) let under JCT 98 PWQ. The current version of this form is the JCT Standard Form of NSC/Conditions (NSC/C) 1998 Edition incorporating Amendments 1 and 2 hereinafter referred to as NSC/C. Requirement for the Contractor to give notice of delay and to give further details to assist the Architect in establishing any extension of time. Requirement for the Architect to review the Completion Date following Practical Completion. The effect of omissions upon extensions of time. General obligations imposed upon the Architect and Contractor in relation to their conduct. Contractor/Sub-Contractor is to submit such information as will enable the Architect to form an opinion as to entitlement and the Architect or Quantity Surveyor to ascertain any amount due.