Source: P.Gordon and F.Klug, British Immigration Control: A Brief Guide (Runnymede Trust, London, 1985), p. 8, as amended. Notes: 1. For the purpose of immigration rules, public funds mean: housing, council tax benefit, income support/job seeker’s allowance, housing benefit and family credit. Under immigration law, people may be admitted to the United Kingdom on condition that they will not have recourse to public funds. Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules, HC 395, 1994, para. 6. * Those in these categories are granted the status of Commonwealth citizenship under section 37 of the BNA 1981. † Before the enactment of the CIA 1962, all holders of Commonwealth citizenship were free to enter and settle in the United Kingdom. ‡ All Commonwealthcitizens were exempt from immigration control and consequently entitled to receive public funds without any immigration rule restrictions. Since 1962, those Commonwealth citizens who are subject to immigration rules have to be granted an ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ in the United Kingdom in order to claim public funds.