I think traditionally women have been better at it [working with rape victims] because we’re taught to be [caring and supportive] as children and men are taught to be staunch and unfeeling at times. I’ve seen a great change in that, by the way, over the last five years. There are male VWAs [victim witness advocates] out there that are very, very good. And can have just as great a warm voice tone as I can and ask as good [unchallenging] questions and all …. There is a stereotype that women detectives or investigators can better handle rape victims. I don’t necessarily agree with that. [Why is that?] Because I think sometimes women are unforgiving of other women. Over at the other law enforcement agency, I have seen a detective who was pretty crass and coarse with her victim and pretty judgmental …. [Do you think women can be just as good a detective as men?] Yeah. I think so. I do think so. They’re just as determined.