IT IS 1955. AS YOU SIT IN THE FAMOUS SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTCLUB THE PURPLE Onion, you wonder about this unknown woman about to take the stage. This is strange: women do not do stand-up comedy. She’s pretty ordinary looking, a housewife you’d guess. She starts getting some laughs and you lean forward:

I stuffed a turkey. And that’s the last. It took me three weeks. Stuffed it through the beak. It was the only thing open. I was very patient. I sat there with this [sic] dinky little tweezers, while Thanksgiving went past. So then I decided to shoot for Christmas, and then I got thinking about the cheese. And we don’t have room in that refrigerator for two pets. Because my ironing is in there…. All our kids are grown and I’ve got baby clothes in there (Are You Ready for Phyllis Diller?).