One of biggest problems with kicking off new information governance (IG) programs is that, on average, they take a year or more to form, according to industry research. Beyond that, many IG programs lose steam and fail to meet the organization's objectives. Failed IG programs may not have had the right combination of players named to the IG steering committee, or it was overstaffed and not tiered so it got bogged down. Others may not have properly planned roles and a clear Responsibility Assignment Matrix, or RACI matrix (which identifies those Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) early on, which doomed the program to failure. This chapter describes seven key accelerators which can help launch or expand a successful IG program. The accelerators are recruit a strong executive sponsor, find common ground, leverage assessment or audit findings, piggyback on existing IT projects, emphasize hard cost savings, cite the impact of poor IG, and establishing a legal defense.