This chapter provides an engagement with the Marxian and multidisciplinary literature on financialization. It also provides a brief history of finance since 1945 to contextualize the phenomenon of financialization. The chapter draws on a Marxian literature to demonstrate that financialization is connected to the historical phenomenon of neoliberalism. It assesses the politics of this Marxian literature on financialization. The Marxian literature on financialization argues that class politics and of the notion of revolutionary subject should be operated to resist financialization. Financialization required the intellectual and political operations of neoliberalism. The chapter also draws on the works of Mirowski to explain the emergence of neoliberalism as a 'neoliberal thought collective’. It examines the question of a revolutionary subject from the perspective of the financialization literature. The chapter argues that financialization corresponded to the centrality of finance in the current functioning of capitalism.