In this chapter, the author provides a speculative reflection on resistance to financialization from the perspective of a revolutionary interpretation of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. He examines financialization drawing on Marxian literature. The author analyes Deleuzo-Guattarian politics to articulate philosophical concepts and specific recent political practices connected to resisting financialization. A critique of representative democracy can be operated in light of the Deleuzo- Guattarian critique of psychoanalysis. The political philosophy, which grounds social democratic politics, argues that democracy can only be operated through representation. Finance was a very important theme during the French presidential election of May 2012, and Francois Hollande, the candidate of the social democratic left, won the election partly because of the pledges. The author argues positively that resisting financialization from a Deleuzo-Guattarian perspective implies affective horizontal politics, which shall elaborate drawing on an analysis of the occupy wall street movement.