In this chapter we will address governors' responsibility for performance management and governors' role in the school's use of targets. Many of the questions we will tackle have been raised by governors in training sessions I have run. We will consider:

• the purpose, process and priorities of school-improvement planning; • why the governing body is involved in performance management (PM), and

what the governing body's role is; • how the governing body carries out its role in PM; • a case study of a school's principles, and possible areas for the headteacher's

objectives; • the governors' responsibilities in relation to the use of targets and bench-

marking; • information available to help governors gain a view of their school's

performance; • questions you should be asking about your school's performance data; • how statutory target-setting might be carried out; • the pupils' role in the target-setting process; • what happens if the targets you have set appear after a while to be too easy to

achieve, or impossible to reach; • how you avoid losing breadth in education and avoid teaching to the tests; • whether you are just aiming for the average when you use targets indicated by

the government's statistics; • whether governors should have their own targets; • the essential ingredients in your work with performance data and targets.