Few other disorders place so much stress on families as dementia. Caregivers routinely report stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or feelings of fatigue. They are often angry and resentful, feel guilty about not doing enough, even though they may spend 24 hours a day with the patient. The stresses they experience have many sources. Often they must take over tasks that the patient can no longer do, such as housekeeping or dressing the patient. They must keep vigilant watch over the patient; and often they must cope with the patient's specific behavioral disturbances, such as wandering around or not sleeping at night. Moreover caregivers often experience a great sense of personal and psychological loss as they see their relative gradually decline. Often the care they must provide demands all their time. (S. H. Zarit, Orr, & J. M. Zarit, 1985, p. 69)