The more time, energy, and commitment you devote to others' welfare, the less there is left over to take care of your own needs. Sometimes this personal depletion happens inadvertently, the result of neglect and chronic work in the trenches without adequate time for recovery (Belson, 1992; Maslach, 1982; Sussman, 1995). Other individuals "hide" in their work as a way to avoid dealing with their own personal issues-the emptiness, loneliness, anxiety, or boredom they might experience (Kottler, 1993). In both cases, unless you are able to balance the amount of passion and commitment you devote to helping others with attention to your own needs, you will not be able to do much good for very long (Corey & Corey, 1998; Guy, 1987; Kottler, 1999).