The spiritual appeal of radical upheaval has led many to adapt and expand several crisis model, particularly its concept of spiritual presence. Whatever else the recovery movement contributes to the growing relationship between psychotherapy and spirituality, it has restored at its center a sense of confronting and sustaining community as a necessary context for treating the addictive process. The concept of God in Crisis model may vary from the transcendent images of Protestant orthodoxy to the highly imminent presence of the liberation theologian. The human predicament in the crisis model is found in a chronic denial of one’s circumstance. It may be a seemingly banal but insidious disregard of what is important in life by clinging to the normative, everyday structures of our experience that spawn indifference and apathy. The magical hook for the therapist arises in the desire to manage the process, moving clients into and out of such crisis experiences whether for reasons of compassion or cost containment.