Expansive model for spiritual presence takes shape as an inner search that goes down deep within to tap resources in which we are grounded together with all of life around. Archetypes can be identified by analyzing common themes running through dreams and fantasies. They are also found in the art, legends, and mythologies of all civilizations. These themes include “the mother,” “the father,” “the child,” “the wise old man,” and “the self” or integrating principle of the psyche. The instrumentality of the psychotherapist in the expansive model is that of serving as a guide to explore the unconscious self, encouraging insight, and providing the techniques that lead to increased awareness. The goal of psychotherapy is not adjustment to the prevailing culture but the daily expansion of a mental state called liberation, enlightenment, individuation, creativity, or gnosis. Few approaches to psychotherapy include in their methodology such means of addressing the transcendent or make such use of purely spiritual techniques.