On that bright, clear, and fateful day of September 11, 2001, nineteen Saudis and al-Qaida operatives, wielding knives and box-cutters, hijacked four American aircraft. At 8:45 A . M . American Airlines Flight 11 departed Boston, Massachusetts in route to Los Angeles, California crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center with eighty-one passengers and eleven crewmembers on board. Just eighteen minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175, also in route from Boston to Los Angeles, with fifty-six passengers and nine crewmembers hit the South Tower. At nearly 9:30 A.M. , another flight headed toward Los Angeles, American Airlines Flight 77, departed Dulles International Airport with fifty-eight passengers and six crew members and crashed into the Northwest side of the Pentagon. Thirty minutes later, United Airlines Flight 93 departed Newark, New Jersey, this time in route to San Francisco, California with thirty-eight passengers and seven crewmembers. The flight crashed in a field in Pennsylvania resulting from a struggle between the hijackers and brave passengers. Many speculate the target of this flight was the U.S. Capital or even perhaps the White House.