Every bibliography and discussion of a particular body of knowledge will fall short of expectations. Thus Strayer displayed disappointment in the range of literature used by Gladden. Huddleston’s bibliography on administrative history is part of a bibliography on comparative public administration and thus could only cover the highlights (Huddleston 1984: ch. 3). The bibliography presented here has been compiled during the span of a decade, and in no way claims to be complete. Sometimes it was fortunate to have a bibliography at hand. Thus several references have been taken from Eisenstadt and Rokkan (1973), Gladden, (1972), Kamenka (1989), and Tilly (1975). Many titles were found in national studies of administrative history. Finally, articles proved to be an important source, especially those that provide an overview of the state of the art of administrative history in a particular country (see ch. 1).