This chapter reports the findings obtained from the screen recordings and the online search reports (OSRs) on the participants’ web search behaviors embedded in Task 1. As mentioned in 5.4.1, the source text (ST) used for this task, which was carried out by the four translation students of the main study and the two translators of the pilot study, is an excerpt (232 words long) from a Greenpeace guide to genetically modified food that covers a broad topic and has an informative, as well as an appellative, function. All six participants had to translate the excerpt from Spanish into English for the immediate publication of an information package on genetically engineered (GE) food for a New Zealand audience. Predictably, Bob and Daniel (i.e., the two translators of the pilot study) produced the highest-quality translations of all. They were followed by the two students who are English native speakers (i.e., Laura and Martha) and who produced medium-quality translations, and by Anna and Maria, the two nonnative speakers of the main study, who produced low-quality translations.