Feminist blogging networks are venues for feminist claims-making in the Aus-

tralian public sphere. Research into these discursive communities shows that

claims are being articulated, shared, and strengthened within these spaces. By

examining two case studies of discursive interventions, the first from disability

bloggers, and the second from Fat Acceptance bloggers, alongside broad ana-

lysis of a network of feminist bloggers, this chapter maps feminist discursive

communities. Blogs and feminist Internet communities more broadly are sites

for expressive politics that maintain women-centred discourses, and cultural pro-

duction as part of the women’s movement. The findings of this research fit into a

broader debate about what kinds of activism count as activism, and reinforce the

argument outlined in Chapters 1 and 3 of this book that much feminist activism

takes place at the level of discourse and in the act of making gendered claims.