After a ‘pleasant trip’ from England aboard R.M.S. Slavonia and a short stay in New York, Pound sent a telegram on 24 June 1910 to his father at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia announcing that he would be ‘home tomorrow night’. As far as I have been able to discover he did not go to the house at Wyncote, which had been let, but either to 2103 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, a brick mansion not far from the Mint which Homer had rented in 1909, or to Swarthmore where for at least part of the second half of 1910 his parents lived in a house belonging to a man named Ellis. For his father he brought from London a copy of The Spirit of Romance which Homer signed and dated 27 June 1910. Pound seems to have spent most of the summer and part of the autumn at Swarthmore translating Cavalcanti. Isabel told a friend at Wyncote later that at Swarthmore one night Ezra and a companion arrived at the Ellis house singing to the accompaniment of a stringed instrument.