At the Founder Group annual meeting in early 2010, chairman of the board of directors, Xin Wei, was particularly pleased. Founder Group had maintained positive growth against the backdrop of the global financial crisis, achieving annual business income of RMB48 billion and annual profit of RMB2.5 billion. A significant increase compared with previous years. Another fiscal year had flown by, and chairman Xin Wei found himself having worked at Founder Group for more than ten years. He could not forget the difficult conditions that the Founder Group faced when he first joined and the long road that Founder Group walked for the last ten years. For several days, the atmosphere at the Founder Group annual meeting was lively and festive. The management team was filled with joy for Founder Group’s success and full of hope as well as confidence for the future. Xin Wei knew that the festive atmosphere did not just reflect the improved performance demonstrated by financial data. It reflected the new competitive Founder Group that everyone had worked hard over the years to create. The global economy experienced many ups and downs through 2009, but the Founder Group withstood the test. Though global economic recovery was already an obvious trend by the second half of 2009, the financial crisis still cast a shadow on the economy. However, recalling everything that the Founder Group had gone through in the past few years, Xin Wei was still confident for the future.