I discovered beneath a shallow covering of six inches of earth nearly the entire left side of a human female skeleton. [all the bones were] … stained superficially with a dark brick-red colour, and enveloped by a coating of ruddle. The entire body must have been entirely surrounded or covered over at the time of its interment with this red substance. Close to the part of the thigh bone where the pocket is usually worn, I found laid together, and surrounded also by ruddle, about two handsfull of small shells of the nerita littoralis … at another part of the skeleton, viz. in contact with the ribs, I found forty or fifty fragments of small ivory rods nearly cyclindrical, and varying in diameter from a quarter to three quarters of an inch, and from one to four inches in length. Rings made of the same ivory [were] … found with the rods. Both rods and rings were stained superficially with red and lay in the same red substance that enveloped the bones; they had evidently been buried at the same time with the woman.