Intrat upon pannell Marion Richart, alias Layland, for the pointis of witchcraft, sorcerie, and divination, and utheris underwrittin.

In the first ye, the said Marion ar indyted and accuised of contraveining the tenour of the Act of Parliament maid be our umquhile dread soverane lady Mary be the grace of God Quein of Scotland with the advyse of hir thrie Estaites in hir nynth parliament that quher they being informit of the hevie and abominable superstition used be divers of the leidges of this realme be using of wichcraftis, sorceries, and negromancie, and credence givin thairto in tymes bygane, againes the law of God, and for avoiding and away putting of all sic superstition in tyme cuming it wes statute and ordainit be the Queines Majestie and thrie Estaites forsaid that na persone or persones of quhatsomewer estait, degrie or condition they be of, tak upon hand in any tymes therafter to use any maner of wichcraftis, sorcerie or negromancie, or give themselvis furth to have any sic craft or knowledge thairof, thairthrow abusand the people, under the paine of death. And trew it is that ye, the said Marion, have contraveined the tenour of the said act be using and practising of wichcraftis, sorceries and divinationes, and of giving of yourself furth to have sic craft and knowledge, and in keiping companie and society with the devill, and thairthrow abusand the people at diverse and sundrie tymes and places in maner following, and therfoir and for airt and part of the said abominable superstition used and practised by yow aught and sould be adjudged to the death : And in special1 ye, the said Marion, are indyted and accused for airt and part [abetting] of the said abominable superstition for that sex or sevin yeires since James Fischer, your oy [grandchild], being keiping Manse Smythis swyne, went up into ane auld hous called the house of

the said Robertis wyfe lost the profeit of hir who11 milk. Quharfor she cam into yow and did lament for her profeit that she wantit. Ye ansuerit and said, ' Go thy way to the sea and tell nyne boares of the sea cum in, that is to say, nyne waves of the sea, and let the hindmost of the nyne ga back againe and the nixt thairafter tak thrie loofullis of the water and put within thy stoupe and quhen thow comes home put it within thy kirne and thow will get thy profeit agane ' ; quhilk ye, rank wich, cannot also deny.